Claude Cormier et Associés (CC + A) is pleased to announce the promotion of two new associates to its team

Ten years ago, Sophie Beaudoin and Marc Hallé became the first associates to be promoted in Claude Cormier’s team of landscape architects. This decision expanded the studio’s leadership and advanced the firm’s strengths and signature going into the future.

Today, in the same spirit, a second generation of appointments has been announced for two new associates – Guillaume Paradis and Yannick Roberge, who are being elevated to also participate in leading the studio into the future. As key members of the CC + A team for ten years, Guillaume and Yannick have both made significant contributions to the development and success of the firm.

Guillaume Paradis stands out for his technical agility and leadership through collaborative strategies that enrich the practice. His professionalism and tenacity have been attested through the delivery of projects of the highest calibre. Appointed three years ago as the Studio Chief of Technique, Guillaume is a steadfast and consistent quardian of quality and precision through the development, execution and delivery of projects for the firm.

Yannick Roberge brings an astute sensitivity for concept and design, guiding the team through creative detailing and an integrated vision that upholds artistic direction and conceptual coherence for the firm’s projects. Yannick was appointed as the Studio Chief of Design three years ago, anchoring his role to assist with upholding the signature of Claude Cormier et Associés through design solutions that are creative, intelligent, and whimsical.

Photos : Annie Éthier