Claude Cormier + Associés becomes CCxA

Following last spring’s announcement of an expanded leadership team at Claude Cormier + Associés, the firm continues its evolution and now becomes CCxA. The evolution from “+” to “x” marks a new milestone in the trajectory of the firm and reflects not only the multiplied efforts of an experienced team, but also reinforces a practice of hybrids between design and art, nature and artifice, real and surreal. CCxA is also expanding into new hybrids of practice and collaboration, multiplying talents and insights towards new experiences and emerging solutions in the complex public landscape.

« We are so thrilled and humbled as co-presidents to carry the torch and lead the legacy firm of Claude Cormier et Associés into its next iteration as CCxA. Our field is at the heart of emerging issues and challenges that were off the radar when the firm was founded over twenty-five years ago, and we aspire to be leaders in responding with sensitivity and intelligence, while also staying true to our roots by perpetuating a care for beauty, meaning, and joy in the public realm. » – Sophie Beaudoin and Marc Hallé

Photo : Annie Éthier