Alphonse-Desjardins Theatre
Repentigny (Québec), Canada

“The Cloud” – Proposal for the Alphonse-Desjardins Theatre Plaza

Our proposal for the Repentigny Performing Art Centre landscape and public plaza addresses the different functional components set out by the City, while creating a highly visible link between the facilities of the new cultural space. Placing it– in a strong and subtle way –  amid its urban context. Located in the heart of a large urban park, the site is bounded by Ile Lebel park and the St. Lawrence River to the East, the Thifaut Park sports centre to the West, and a church and cemetery to the North, where an existing cross is in position with the axis of the future plaza.

The main feature of the proposal is a “cloud”; a 14 metre mirror polished stainless-steel structure made up of a thin blade, supported by thin columns placed on the perimeter of the plaza. Slightly overlapping the roofs of the Diane Dufresne Art Centre and Performing Arts building, this elevated hoop unifies the buildings of this new cultural centre. Light and reflective, open and unifying, the cloud gives the impression of disappearing into the sky. Its strong presence becomes an iconic and central element for the landscape, a landmark for this area of Repentigny. The “cloud” brings additional value to the site and allows the public space to function beyond its mere programmatic elements. The plaza responds to the organic form of the cloud with an esplanade of white paving stones, circular steps for seating, a large shallow circular pool which both fills and drains according to weather conditions and programmed events, a grove of silver maples with serrated foliage, and three shrub mounds. The entire plaza becomes a soft, versatile, and comfortable space reinforced by the presence of flexible furniture.

The landscape proposal continues to the North of the plaza. The existing sidewalk along the Diane Dufresne Art Centre is extended along the new Performing Art Centre and planted with trees, allowing this new facility to blend into the larger park.

City of Repentigny

Saia Barbarese Topouzanov Architects

2700 m2 (0.65 acres)



Plaza / Garden
Rendering, Cultural Landmark - Bernard-Félix Chénier
Concept, The Cloud - Claude Cormier et Associés
Plan, Unifying Plaza - Claude Cormier et Associés
Axonometric View, Context - Claude Cormier et Associés
Site Plan - Claude Cormier et Associés
Rendering - Bernard-Félix Chénier
Rendering - Bernard-Félix Chénier
Rendering - Bernard-Félix Chénier
Section, The Cloud - Rendering - Saia Barbarese Topouzanov Architectes, Claude Cormier & Associés
Painting, The Battle of Argonne - René Magritte
Painting, La Malédiction - René Magritte