Distillery District Ribbon Building
Distillery District Ribbon Building
Toronto (Ontario), Canada

Located at the heart of the pedestrian-oriented Toronto Distillery District, the open space proposed for the Ribbon Building aspires to celebrate the soul of this distinct industrial heritage setting. Embracing and renewing the site’s powerful spatial qualities, the landscape integrates a proposed continuous linear office volume and a strategically positioned hotel tower into the unique fabric of the surrounding context. The Distillery’s emblematic red paving is the principal cue used to maintain the strong dialogue between public realm and architecture.

The convergence of pedestrian circulation flows appears as a large mirror pond. Evoking the Greek myth of Narcissus, the surrounding industrial Victorian architecture, along with the contemporary Ribbon building, are each reflected on the still water surface for perpetuity.

A picturesque approach to framing views and maintaining the timeless quality of the Distillery District is achieved through a bosk of London Plane trees as well as a strategic distribution of mature specimen trees. These deliberate insertions aim to freshen up sunnier spaces and unify the early 19th century stone distillery with the new Ribbon Building. Gas lanterns will illuminate the night time public realm, preserving the Distillery’s pedestrian integrity and intimacy.

Cross-roads to important neighbouring developments are accommodated along Distillery Lane between Parliament and Cherry Streets, and the proposed Red Brick Promenade that will create a generous public-space connection under the railway corridor to the waterfront.

Dundee Realty, Cityscape Development Corporation

KPMB Architects

15 500 m2 (3.8 acres)


In progress

Master Plan
Plaza / Garden
Plan, CC+A
Rendering, KPMB Architects
Gooderham & Worts, 1873-1877 (http://www.distilleryheritage.com/art.html)
Conceptual image (Narcissus, peinture par François Lemoyne, 1729)
Rendering of the Narcissus Pond, KPMB Architects
Section of the Narcissus Pond, CC+A
Rendering, KPMB Architects
Rendering, KPMB Architects
Section of the Tree Bosk, CC+A
Plan detail of the Tree Bosk, CC+A
Rendering, KPMB Architects
Lighting plan, CC+A
Gas lantern, CC+A
Toronto downtown and waterfront view, CC+A
Photo, Workers with butyl in steel drums ready to be shipped, Nov. 13, 1918, CTA 1583-106 (Building 62A) (http://www.distilleryheritage.com/acetones_staff.html), The Distillery Historic District
Photo, name unknown, (http://era.on.ca/2011/01/01/the-distillery-district/), The Distillery Historic District
Rendering, CC+A